Current Message Series

Advent 2021

One of the magical parts of the Christmas season is watching our favorite specials and movies! During Advent, Linglestown Life will be using several of our favorite films that highlight the story of Jesus’ birth.

We invite you to watch the following movies with your family in preparation for each week’s message:

Nov 28: The Santa Clause
Dec 5: Tradition featuring The Grinch.
Dec 12: Generosity featuring A Christmas Carol.
Dec 19: Connection featuring Home Alone.
Dec 24: Joy of a Child featuring Charlie Brown.

Join us Sundays:
Linglestown Campus – 8:30 & 10am
Rockville Campus – 9am
Online on Facebook Live – 8:30 and 10am

Take the Bible with you wherever you go with the YouVersion Bible App! YouVersion is a FREE Bible App that allows you to interact with the message each week at Linglestown Life. Click on the link above to begin accessing this tool.