Easter Offering

The 2017 Easter Offering

Each Easter we invite you to participate in a special Easter Offering at Linglestown Life.

This year, our theme is focused on children and those organizations that specifically minister to the needs of children and families.  Our goal, as it has been the last several years is $20,000.


1. Use the Easter Offering envelope mailed in your monthly envelope pack.

2. Use the Special Offering envelope available at the church.

3. Give using our online giving platform.

NEW! 4. Text to Give. Text EASTER2017 with Dollar Amount to 30131

(make sure your phone doesn't auto-correct and add a space between Easter and 2017)

So here is the big overview of our 2017 Easter Offering recipients:

$2,000 each to the following programs:


 1. Central Dauphin School District NutriPacks program – provides meals for elementary school children in the CDSD http://www.cdsdnutripacks.com/index.html

 Our donation to CDSD NutriPacks will provide 16 children with 6-10 lbs. of food for 35 weeks.  

2. Bethesda Mission Women’s Shelter – To support the renovation project slated for the Women & Children Shelter. https://www.bethesdamission.org/our-ministries/womens-mission/

This project is still awaiting several steps, however, BM appreciates our support and asks that we also be in prayer as they finalize plans. 

3. Neighborhood Center of Harrisburg – The Neighborhood Center has been an outreach of the UMC for over 100 years.  They provide a variety of resources to the children and families of Harrisburg, including daycare and after-school care, nutrition programs, college scholarships and more. http://neighborhoodcenterumc.org/

Our donation to the NC will enhance their educational environments.  Summer Campers will be focusing on STEM education and activities.  One thousand dollars will go towards field trips, educational tools and supplies.  Five hundred dollars will go to revitalize the Young Mothers Together program.  This program provides support, resource coordination and continuing education to young mothers from the ages of 13-19.  Finally, the purchase of two iPads will assist the toddler and preschool classrooms. 

4. UM Home for Children’s in Mechanicsburg – Began as an orphanage in 1917, and continues today as a vital partner in caring for children who are not able to remain in their homes.  Each year you may hear about our teens in the EDGE shopping for the Children’s Home.  This donation will be able to meet ongoing needs of the young people who are being housed at the Children’s Home. http://www.umhcservices.com/

 Our donation to the UMHC will upgrade their server to provide more reliable/faster internet service for kids to do their homework and studying.

5. LAHMBs – The Lord Angels Helping Moms and Babies is our very own ministry that makes it possible for young parents to provide the necessities for their babies, including clothing, furniture, car seats and above all a compassionate heart. http://linglestownlife.org/ministries/missions/lahmb_s

LAHMBs will use these funds to purchase car seats, cribs and other items needed by the clients. 

The second half of the 2017 Easter Offering is going to update and rehabilitate our Children’s Ministry areas. 

After the first $10,000 goes to these community organizations, we’ll use the remaining funds to update our education wing with fresh paint and a few other surprises that will demonstrate our commitment to providing the best facility for our kids.

We’ll give you some additional details each week on the projects and how you will be able to give.