Summer Food Truck Ministry!

The Loving Your Neighborhood series is providing you with practical steps to loving your neighbors!
We are currently looking for three neighborhoods where we can facilitate your neighborhood getting to know one another through a FREE Food Truck event! If you, or several of your neighbors from Linglestown Life, would be interested in learning more about being the hosts of a Food Truck event this summer, please reach out to Pastor George

We are also looking for neighborhoods where we can help you and your neighbors to see the possibilities of what your neighborhood can be when everyone uses their gifts and talents to work toward the common good. This can be a neighborhood project, serving a specific need, or as simple as developing a neighborhood resource directory.
One way that neighborhoods can become an intertwined network of relationships is by partnering together to serve alongside an existing community organization. We would enjoy helping your neighborhood to partnership with an organization that needs resources from your neighborhood. If you, or several of your fellow Linglestown Life disciples would like to learn more about any of these opportunities, please contact Pastor George.