A member of our community claimed this pew and it makes a lovely addition to their porch!
The first phase of remodeling at the Rockville campus will be painting the sanctuary. Prior to the beginning of this project, all of the pews will be removed. This is the first step in our return to worship and to sharing our space with our neighborhood, local groups, and for a more comfortable worship experience.

Some pews will be transformed into conference tables, tables for the back of the sanctuary, and perhaps some other neat creations; if you or a friend want to help with the woodwork we’d love your help!
The rest of the pews can be brought home with you for a donation to Linglestown Life to empower our purchase of new chairs and for renovating our sanctuary. We will establish some days for you to arrange a pickup for your new pew.

If you would like to help with woodworking or to bring home a pew, contact Taylor