Missing Dog- Peggy

One of our neighbors has lost their sweet dog, we are hoping that someone in our community has seen here. Here’s a note from the owner:

“Our sweet Peggy is still missing.  After 5 hrs of traveling over 5 miles with Abby, a seasoned 11 y.o. Golden Retriever and her handler, Sam, of Pure Gold Pet Trackers, we discovered that our Peggy went to church, literally. Her scent trail started from our home and took us to where she was possibly sighted at Blue Meadow Farms. We are grateful to the residents of that development for speaking with us and allowing us to walk through their yards, garages, and ravines. Peggy’s scent trail ended at Linglestown Life United Methodist Church. 

It is our hope that a Good Samaritan may have picked up Peggy, thinking she was a stray dog, not knowing that she belongs to a loving family who has missed her since the day she’s been gone. While we have yet to be reunited with the smallest and most vulnerable member of our family, Abby and Sam’s tireless efforts have provided us with much-needed direction. 

We ask that anyone within those areas (Linglestown, Blue Meadows, St. Thomas Circle), please check their ring or security cameras during the timeframe of May 5th to the present. We have included a map of her tracks. We are grateful to our family, friends, neighbors, and volunteers who have printed out flyers distributed them, and helped in our search. If anyone would like to help us in our continued efforts, we would greatly appreciate help in the distribution of posters and flyers to create awareness. We have been touched by the overwhelming support we have received thus far and look forward to when our family will be complete!”

In you have any information about Peggy, please contact the owner at 717-856-8217