LAHMBs Moving to Rockville Campus

In order to better serve the clients and expand our inventory availability, LAHMBs is moving to our Rockville Campus.
The actual move will take place on Thursday, August 19 in the afternoon and evening hours. But prior to that, we need your help to prep our current inventory and clean up our new space.

LAHMBs is looking for individuals who can assist with organizing and preparing items during the weeks leading up to the move. Work days are currently scheduled for Monday, August 2nd from 8am-12pm and Friday, August 6th from 8am-12pm.

We are also looking for individuals who can assist us with preparing the space at Rockville. This will include organizing items for repurposing, resale or recycling/trash. This work can be completed on your schedule.

On August 19, we need the use of a larger ‘box truck’ to transport clothing racks, car seats, etc. from Linglestown to Rockville. (If you have a vehicle we can use please notify us.) We also need as many hands as possible to assist with the loading and unloading process. We can use help beginning at 1:00pm until 6:00pm. If you can give even one hour, we appreciate your time. Help from any age group is welcome.

Who to contact:
LAHMBS: Email Julie Cassel at or call/text her at 717-448-1815.
Rockville: email Pastor Taylor at or call/text him at 717-468-7975.