Explore Church Membership

Are you interesting in joining the church and becoming a committed disciple of Jesus at Linglestown Life? Due to the challenges of holding our normal Exploring Discipleship Class because of the pandemic, and to help catch up a bit, we are going to do something a little different this fall.

Instead of the normal class, we are going to capitalize on our October series focusing on Discipleship. If you do want to explore joining Linglestown Life, the main request is that you attend each worship service through the series, either in person or online.

Additionally, each week of the series we will be offering complementary resources to those interested. These may be articles, YouTube videos, and/or something we’ve put together ourselves. Finally, at the close of the series, we will meet once or twice in person and via zoom to go over other details.

Please indicate you’re interest either via the connection card or by emailing Adam Estep. This will ensure you get the auxiliary materials and receive the details of the in person/zoom meeting(s). That’s it! We look forward to hearing from everyone!