Christmas at Community Classrooms

All of our Community Classrooms students received some school and art supplies for their winter break from the great folks at Linglestown Life, both at Rockville and Linglestown Campuses!

Thanks Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts for the science toy donations and Capital Region Literacy Council for book donations. While we work with the Harrisburg School District and others, another shoutout to Susquehanna Township School District for their support this past semester in getting this program off the ground.

Our students at Community Classrooms have been brave and amazing scholars this year. With schools closing, we opened our Rockville Campus to help support students in numerous districts succeed. With amazing volunteers we have chaperoned students so that they log into classes, have adequate food and snacks during the day, and get them to complete their assignments.

We have students from our neighborhood and around the local area; some students have always lived here and others are recent refugees. We are so appreciative of our hardworking students and look forward to supporting them at the start of January again!

If you can volunteer one morning a week, contact Pastor Taylor at