Becoming the Heartbeat

Sunday, September 5 was a special day for our Rockville campus as they resumed in-person worship. Pastor Taylor’s message is important for all of us to hear. Please take time to check out the full message link below.

An excerpt from Pastor Taylor’s Homecoming Message at our Rockville Campus:
“Have you ever been to a homecoming game or a homecoming weekend? You chat to old acquaintances or roommates like it was just yesterday. You walk the old halls and think of memories. For a few hours we get to do the important psychological function of remembering and reflecting. We get to live in the past for even just a little bit of time and it can be so lovely.

But here’s one of the flaws of a homecoming event or weekend: it’s about the return to the way things were and it’s about only seeing people you already know. It’s about getting lost in a space or time that has passed by. Nostalgia is great if we learn from it: it can be crippling if we live in it. Can we live in a homecoming forever or in a groundhog’s day sort of world of repetition and the past? How many of you would like to wear your letterman’s jersey every day? Would any of us trade our houses to go back to live in a dormitory or take the hot, un-air conditioned school bus to work every day? Homecomings are about recall and memory, but are meant to also be moments that spur us on to rekindle our action and life. Our worshipping space homecoming this morning is not about living in the past: it’s about embracing the future like the Israelites did in the book of Jeremiah…”

Read Pastor Taylor’s Full Message Here