As teenagers, we asked three questions:

              Who am I?

              Where do I belong?

              What’s my purpose?

You may not have phrased the questions in that form, but you were asking these three basic questions every day! Sometimes you asked it out loud. At other times it just swirled in your head because you didn’t have the words to express the feelings.

I’m asking myself the same questions nearly every day now! (And I haven’t been a teenager for a long time!).

Life as I’ve known it has been transformed. The pandemic didn’t actually trigger the changes. The pandemic and everything else in culture was simply masking the changes that were already coming rapidly.

As a result of all the changes happening in my work, in my life, and in the wider culture:

              I’ve struggled to understand my identity,

              I’ve searched for where I belong,

              I’ve been challenged to understand my purpose.

If you retired recently, or gone through any major life change (birth, death, job change, illness), I can image that you’ve struggled with these three big questions of life.

              If you are no longer working, how do you identify yourself? Before you stopped working it was always easy to answer the question of identity- you just described what you did. (But identity is so much more than what you do…)

              If you recently found yourself alone due to a divorce or the death of a spouse, you are probably trying to figure out where you belong? Do you still ‘fit-in’ with the married friends? Now when you are introduced, it’s just your name that people say, not that of your spouse, when you are introduced.

              If you are now out of the work force, do you find yourself aimlessly trying to figure out what to do next? Your purpose was easy when you were turning out ‘widgets’ every day. Now you struggle to understand the changing nature of your purpose in life.

Regardless of the age or stage you are in today, or will be tomorrow, you will be asking these questions.

That is why I want to invite you to join us for the September message series at Linglestown Life. Beginning this Sunday, September 5, and throughout the month of September, we will look at how we answer the 3 Big Questions.

So, whether you join us at our two campuses*, join us online at 8:30am or 10:00am Sundays, or watch on-demand, you will encounter questions that will help you answer your own questions of identity, belonging and purpose.

And it all begins this Sunday, September 5, with a look at how the culture is attempting to squeeze us into a mold, while Jesus is seeking to transform us from the inside out.

Join me in a journey of discovering how to begin resolving the 3 Big Questions for yourself.

Pastor George

P.S. Sunday, September 5 at 10:00am at the Linglestown campus, we are resuming FirstSunday4Worship. The whole family can join us as a worshipping community. Don’t expect the usual Sunday morning!

P.S.S. Communion will be served this Sunday. If you are joining us online, please be prepared to participate with your own bread and juice.

*Linglestown Campus 8:30am and 10:00am        Rockville Campus 9:00am