2/22 -Rockville Vision Night

February 22nd at 6pm is our Rockville Campus Vision Night. You can attend online or in-person.

Join us online at this ZOOM link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82255246771?pwd=cVhPdFdJclRGdHFZR29kaXN4RWtsdz09&fbclid=IwAR2pffuumhSeN9gni6Wbo-8hFk7dzFJGwwcE-7jiDs2KPPU_UlFfXIHVbkw#success

Pastor George and Pastor Taylor will be presenting the vision as part of an in-person and virtual experience at the Rockville Campus. Individuals from both campuses are encouraged to attend.

Pastor Taylor will also be presenting an update on the current and future activities happening on the Rockville campus. This includes updates on Community Classrooms, the Community Garden and the Rays Place Community Center as well as information about the renovations that will begin this spring. We’re excited to share more information on our community partnerships as well.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a ‘Vision of Hope’ to the meeting. A vision of hope is what you desire to see in our campus’ worship and our partnerships with our neighborhood. So for example, if you hope to see kids of numerous ages in our sanctuary, write a statement about this vision or bring a photo of what you hope it will look like. Or perhaps, if you envision us being a diverse worshipping community, bring a photo or description of what this may look like. As we share our vision for the Rockville campus of Linglestown Life, we want to prayerfully work together to transform our community. Your Vision of Hope will be displayed for everyone to experience as a part of the meeting.