Changed Lives

What it means to love others...

Her neighbor was alone after the death of a spouse.  Because she had nurtured the relationship over the years she knew the depth of the hurt in her neighbor.  Then she did what was only natural because she loved that neighbor with the love of God; she invited her neighbor to church. 

The neighbor came; slowly at first, but as the neighbor came the neighbor began to find something they had never experienced in a church before.  The neighbor found love.  Love displayed by others and a new understand that God was a God of love. 

Now the neighbor's life is changed in more ways than one. 

That is what it means to love others. 

This is what it means to ENTER the lives of others!


by being PRESENT with;

by being in PROXIMITY of;

by living POWERLESSLY among;

by entering the PASSION of;

by boldly PROCLAIMING the Good News to;

and by being part of God's PREVENIENT grace.

This is the calling of every disciple of Jesus as we allow the incarnation to inform how we enter and live among those to whom God has called us. [Learn more about your calling from the January 1, 2012 Sermon click here]

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