Admissions Policy (click here)

 Children must be class age by Sept 1.

2017-2018 Tuition and Fees

 Registration fee of $50.00 between February 1 and March 31.

$75 after April 1 for the 1st child and $50 for the 2nd child..


 Tuition Fees               Monthly             Yearly

 2 days per week        $120                 $1,080

 3 days per week        $170                 $1,530

 4 days per week        $225                 $2,025

 5 days per week        $265                 $2,385


Open House

January 19, 2017 at 11:00 am

Please call to let us know you are coming. 



Tours will be given on Thursdays at 9:45 am. If you need another time, just contact us.

 Please call to register your interest

Call 545-3617


 Financial Aid

 Limited financial assistance may be available  through the LCNS Angel Scholarship Fund. Applications for  Scholarships for the upcoming year are due in the  Director's office by May 1st. Financial aid award  decisions will be made by June 12th.  



 2 Year Old Registration Form (click here)

 Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday

 9:30-12:00 am


 3 Year Old Registration Form (click here)

 Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-12:00 am

 Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9:30-12:00 am

 Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12:45-3:15 pm


 4 Year Old Registration Form (click here)

 Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9:30-12:00 am

 Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12:45-3:15 pm

 Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 9:30-12:00 am


 5 Year Old Registration Form (click here)

 Must be 5 by Sept 1.


 9:30-12:00 am


Transitional Kindergarten (Five year old Class)

Not sure if your child is ready for Kindergarten?

"TK" is for children who are eligible for Kindergarten and will be 5 years old before September 1st.  

These children can benefit from another year to gain new skills, build self-confidence and mature before embarking on their formal education.


Open House

January 20, 2017 at 10:00 am.

Observe Tk in action followed by an Information Session at 11:00 am in Rom 104.  Learn more about the program in a question and answer session. Mrs. Gallagher will review the curriculum and alumni parents will share their expreiences.






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