Financial Peace




Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at  7:00pm (at Linglestown Life)

Facilitators: Mike & BethAnn Hinton

First Class of

FPU Graduates!

Congratulations to our first class of FPU graduates!  These people completed the 9-week series and took control of their finances!  They paid down debt, saved money, and learned how to live by godly principles.  Thanks to Ed & Linda Beck for facilitating the class!



FPU helped us to remember that it’s not money that’s good or evil but how we use it that makes all the difference. And now that we’re telling every last one of our dollars where to go, we have found a joy and contentment in our finances that we never dreamed possible. It’s not that we love money now; we simply understand the power it truly has and how managing it biblically can change your entire life.  

...the biggest impact for us came in our monthly budget. We had already been “living on a budget” for years but without true discipline. When we sat down with pencil, paper, and a calculator (anyone remember those?), we realized exactly where we were overspending and how to shift some expenses so that the first half of our monthly budget finally balanced with the second half. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! Now as a result, we know exactly how we’re spending every dollar and we’ve “found” over $300 a month extra to put towards our debt! -2013 FPU Class Graduates 

...we have seen success in even the first few weeks, and it has changed our married life! We are excited to continue on with the class and to continue to see the success as our debt melts away and we become much smarter about our finances, together. -2013 FPU Class Graduates

Like Dave says 80% of finances is behavioral and while I had all the head knowledge I could need from a degree in finance, it really helps to have a plan you can follow step by step with the support of the group, otherwise the whole process of getting out of debt just seems so overwhelming.  -2013 FPU Class Graduates


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FPU Graduates