Discipleship Map

How do we measure growth in our life so that we can bear the kind of fruit Jesus wants his disciples to experience and share with the world?

At Linglestown Life we've designed a tool that will help you to identify where you are on your discipleship journey.  As you identify where you are in the four stages of discipleship you can also begin to plan what steps can help you grow toward maturity.

Watch this video to learn more and how to use the tools we've designed.

The Discipleship Map has five arrows radiating out from the center.  Those arrows are what we refer to as our Life Points- attend, grow, give, serve & witness.  These are five marks of a disciple; five characteristics that we see in the early disciples of Jesus. Click here for a series of messages on the Life Points.

The concentric circles display the progression that moves us from someone who is an Explorer, to a Beginning disciple, a Growing disciple, and to a Maturing disciple. (and please note that the reason the arrows move beyond the outer ring-Maturing-is because we never arrive at the end of the journey in this life!)

CLICK HERE for a copy of the brochure: Your Journey of Discipleship