Linglestown Life celebrates the baptism of Anthony, Austin and Andrew; the sons of Dennis and Marley Rivera on Sunday, September 27.

Sierra Leone Rice Harvest

Through your generosity to the Easter Offering 2015; Linglestown Life was able to send $500 to assist a village in Sierra Leone bring in a rice harvest.  The 100 acre rice field was in danger of going to rot without harvesters.  The donation from Linglestown Life and other churches made it possible to bring in the harvest which will feed 1,000's and in turn provide income to families who otherwise may not have had work.  Click on the images below for a larger image.

Promotion Sunday - August 30, 2015

Roof Replacement over the Church Office

Peach Festival - August 8

RED BIRD MISSION - Serving in southeastern Kentucky

Sunrise Service Images and a 'Thank You' Video from the Easter Egg Hunt including pictures from the hunt and parent comments.

Pam Smilek and Toni Ware share the power of being a Life Camp volunteer.

A Life-Changing Song as we sang I Surrender All, I had to let go – let go of the fear, the doubt, the uncertainty, the things beyond my control, the feelings of inadequacy both as a parent and as a wife, the loneliness as I inwardly dropped to my knee – broken – and surrendered it all. See the song wasn’t I Surrender Some...

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Watch how Life Camp touched a volunteer's life.

Images from the Week

LAHMBs sort session in Fellowship Hall and Sunday school teacher training.

2015 Easter Offering Update

Tree4Hope co-Founder, Jennifer Crist, recently stopped by the church to share exciting news about how our Easter Offering is bringing hope for girls in Guatemala.

Welcome Center

Serving at the Welcome Center

I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to serve at the Welcome desk! It’s by far the most enjoyable mission I’ve served on so far for me personally, and I just really, really enjoy it! I’ve had a great time, both times I’ve done it. I love seeing everyone as they walk in and I get to meet anyone new (and some that were not new, whom I just have never met). It’s great to be able to help people find things they need and I’ve loved it!


I just wanted to thank you for making this a “formal” position where everyone can ask questions and get answers and where new folks can feel welcomed right away, without having to seek out someone in the room and approach them blindly. It’s a great addition to our church and I enjoy serving there. When Miriam is born, I plan to just roll her right up there to that desk with me in her stroller and keep at it. Thank you!

Katrina Blaydon


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Holy Week

Palm Sunday

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday