Jim Zimmerman and Doris GordonLife Saver

“I just love this place!” Those are the enthusiastic words Jim recalls hearing a nursery school student say when asked why he was crying and did not want to leave at the end of nursery school. Witnessing events like that are one of the rewards of being in the rooms and halls of Linglestown Life fixing receptacles, changing light bulbs and making electrical repairs.

According to Doris, “Jim is the brain, and I’m the gopher.” She explains that when something goes wrong with an electrical service at the church, Jim does all the inside and all the outside repairs and she assists him. Jim wired and plumbed the new kitchen built in fellowship hall.

The trustees have Ron Labe tell us where the lights are out or whatever the issue is and we go out on Mondays and fix it. Doris says “It’s not unusual to go in every week, but Jim remarked to me last Sunday: Do you think we’ve been fired? We’ve not had a call for three weeks!”

Jim said he found out how important it was to work as a team when he went in alone one day on an emergency call when Doris couldn’t be there. He was to replace the receptacle in the Narthex for the water fountain. He went downstairs and flipped off the breaker, returned and began removing the old receptacle and immediately got zapped! Someone had noticed the breaker was off and flipped it back on. One of Doris’ duties is to watch for just such hazards so now they always work together.

“At our ages, we’re still doing it, but not everything” notes Jim. We used to put up scaffolding to change light bulbs in the sanctuary ceiling, using an A-frame ladder with one of us on one side and one on the other.

One question they can’t seem to answer is exactly how long they’ve been doing the electrical work—it was a number of years and several pastors ago. In fact, Al Yingst used to work with them, and Bill Gordon did too. Jim related that he and Doris would came in to do work and announce to Pastor Tom “We came in to light up your life!”

So the next time you flip a switch at Linglestown Life and you get LIGHT to do your ministry, you can thank the electrifying team of Doris Gordon and Jim Zimmerman. †