Sermon Survey

In an effort to assist the Worship Design team we appreciate your candid and confidential responses to the following questions.  Answer one or all, we are thankful for your time.  We will use these responses as part of our planning for future messages.  Thank you.

Where have you or a friend been struggling spiritually/theologically? What issues or questions might be helpful to have addressed in a sermon? (i.e. Why do we suffer?)
With what dimensions of the Christian life do you or a friend need help? (i.e. prayer, sharing my faith, doubt, etc.)
About what parts/stories of the Bible would you like more information? (i.e. Book of Revelation, etc.)
With what personal issues are you or a friend struggling with that you/they would like us to consider in the light of the scriptures? (i.e. finances, lust, etc.)
What sermon topics or subjects would cause you to be eager to invite your un-churched friends to church for them to hear?